AR Demos

In this page you can find our Augmented Reality demos.
Click and see how AR works.

• Spam Magazine
The Spam Magazine Project (italian text)

We realized the Augmented Reality of Spam Magazine: 

You could Download Spam Magazine App  for iPhone or Android

And then try it on every page on every Spam Magazine number:


• Augmented Advertising App:
download Augmented Advertising App for iPhone or Android

Try Here:

Augmented Advertising New Advertising

The Treachery

Realtà Aumentate Cover Book 

Merry Augmented Advertising


Old Online Demos (Flash Only)

Augmented Business Card
Our business card.

Diarte 2009
Art exhibition “DiArte 2009″ catalogue.

Natale 2009
Merry Augmented Reality !

Fashion 2010
A fashion example of AR.

Augmented books
The augmented books for education.

Italian wine
An example of wine advertising AR.

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