Occupy Augmented Reality: Italian Election 2013 – Essi Vivono

If the last post Occupy Augmented Reality was a proof of concept, this one is an application of it.

What if  the parties campaign poster of the next Italian Election 2013 (February 24-25 vote) will be Augmented with … well a cult movie visual quotation?
Welcome to the “Essi Vivono Project”

Well you could try by yourself, for now with some of the posters in the streets of  Italian cities: to see it you could download Augmented Advertising App for iPhone or Android

and then go around in the italy streets to test it.

Or you could try it with these few posters (more to come) from left, right and center parties.
We will NOT augment ALL  the italian parties because they are until now, more of 200. 












Just an appetizer…

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