Occupy Augmented Reality: A proof of concept

The definition of Squatting for Wikipedia is

Squatting consists of occupying an abandoned or unoccupied area of land and/or a building – usually residential – that the squatter does not own, rent or otherwise have lawful permission to use.

And in many european cities we saw a lot of abandoned place that were occupied, for personal living or as “TAZ” , Temporary Autonomous Zones in the famous ’90 definition of Hakim Bay, better known  as social centers .

Writer-activist Naomi Klein says:

“Social centres are abandoned buildings – warehouses, factories, military forts, schools – that have been occupied by squatters and transformed into cultural and political hubs, explicitly free from both the market, and from state control.”

And for a Real Life place, it’s clear.
But what about of the idea of Occupy the Augmented Reality , where ALL the spaces are more or less abandoned or unoccupied or non-reclaimed?
And sure, there are no laws or regolamentation, until now.

Lot of exciting possibilities flourish in our mind, first of all the power to “squat”  a book , a CD, a DVD,  and a place (geolocalising AR) or why not a person too, occupying it with our AR things: a critics, some thoughts, recensions, covers or whatever we will put on it as a new layer of content.

Think about a politician, what if, like in the cult movie They Lives, we could show the true reality of his lies thanks to AR ?

Or places that had blocked by police from access   you still protest and occupy

Or what about  overlay your contents on traditional symbols of power and so on?

Quite powerful and scary too, isn’t?

Well  we could do thois JUST NOW  now, using lot of free AR tools and apps. like Aurasma , Layar or Junaio ..

As a proof of concept, well there are my Best 2013 Wishes in AR (italian,sorry) occupying a book about Augmented Reality.

To see it  you could download Augmented Advertising App or iPhone or Android

Ah, ok it’s MY book , I  agree, I co-writed it, but my fellows colleagues don’t know about this squatting, until now- :-D.

Merry Augmented Reality and Happy Augmented Advertising  2013!

P.S. The Illustration on top of this post is In Augmented Reality Too.

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